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In the heart of Mount Pleasant, SC, our studio is more than just a dance space; it's a hub of creativity, inspiration and community.

At Rival, it's important that we cultivate a space where individuals of all ages and levels can thrive! Whether you're a beginner taking your first class or an experienced dancer looking to train and compete, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We believe in fostering a supportive environment that celebrates each dancer's unique journey, nurturing their growth and igniting their passion for movement.

We hope you will join us as we grow and continue the legacy that celebrates the art of dance and inspires a new generation.



Heyyy Charleston, I'm Casey! As many of you know, I've taken ownership of the formerly known Academy of Dance Arts; a creative space this community has loved for decades. I'm thrilled to introduce a new energy and vision that will expand our variety of dance forms offered, cultivate a fun and challenging dance environment while staying rooted in the things that this community has always loved about ADA.

My creative journey began at a young age and I spent my childhood training and competing across the country working alongside some of the industries leading choreographers.

I went on to dance as a Rally Cat at Clemson University and later earned a place as an NBA dancer on the Atlanta Hawks roster.

I'm beyond excited to have the opportunity to share what I love about dance with this community and look forward to kicking off Year #2!



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45 min: $155/quarter

60 min: $180/quarter

120 min: $295/quarter

125 min+ : $345/quarter

Sibling discount code: RIVAL50

Class time/week

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Rival’s tuition is based on a quarterly schedule; each quarter being 8 weeks long and guarantees 32 classes over the course of the school year. Registration is $20 for one dancer and $10 for each additional family member. It is non-refundable and due upon enrollment.

Quarterly tuition payments are processed on the 1st of every month and are considered late if not received by the 5th.

To cancel your tuition plan, parents must email by the 25th of the prior month. While we do not offer refunds, we encourage students to make up any missed classes to ensure continuity in their dance education.




Leotard Dress Code Colors

Tot Trot - Light Pink

Pre Ballet – Lilac

Ballet IA & IB – Light Blue

Ballet II – Royal Blue

Ballet III – Black

ALL ballet students are to wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Leg warmers and skirts are not allowed to be worn in class.

Hair must be in a neat bun.


  • Athletic/dance wear such as leotards, fitted tank tops, dance pants or leggings. No baggy clothing.
  • Appropriate dance shoes based on style (jazz shoes, dance socks, etc.)


  • Athletic/dance wear such as leotards, dance shorts, unitards, fitted tops, leggings, etc. No baggy clothing.
  • No shoes or socks needed.


  • Loose, comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement (no jeans).
  • Clean, indoor sneakers with non-marking soles.



709 Johnnie Dodds BLVD #B

Mount Pleasant, SC

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